TMS320C6748 DSP trainer kit

The trainer kit is based our of TMS320C6748 DSP processor from Texas instruments. The kit is a very robust, easy to use development platform for seasoned as well as new learners of DSP technology. The development board can be used for simple signal processing analytics to real time audio and video processing along with JTAG emulator [XDS 100 V3 JTAG]

  • MicroDSP6748
  • MicroDSP6748 Pro
  • TMS320C6748 micro controller (200MIPS/180MHz) based on ARM926EJ-S core

  • DDR-II SDRAM – 128MB, 16 bit

  • NAND FLASH – 4Gb, 16 bit

  • Stereo Audio CODEC – Audio In, Audio Out, MIC In

  • Video Decoder, VGA Out , USB to Serial Interface

  • DIP Switch, Status LED’s

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with RJ45 Jack

  • One USB HOST , One USB OTG

  • Micro SD/MMC Connector, SATA Connector

  • 14 Pin JTAG Header, Expansion Header, Reset Push Button

  • Power Management 5V/1.5A Power Supply Adapter

  • JTAG Emulator (XDS 100 V3 JTAG)

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