VisNet Defense takes rapid prototyping of mobile networks to a whole new level of speed and productivity. In modern warfare, the network is the battlefield. Given what’s at stake, it’s critical that network designs, including software-, hardware-, human, and Internet-in-the-loop behavior, be examined and understood in the context of the environment they will need to survive in.

Visualize. Design. Optimize.

    VisNet Defense is a new network planning tool that combines the realism and ease of Google Earth™ type visualization with ultra-high fidelity network simulation. 
  • VisNet enables non-cyber specialist users to view and quickly grasp the mechanics of the network,     then easily construct simulated networks for operations planning and review. 
  • No network protocol knowledge is needed; users just click-and-drag components from a pre-populated list of devices and applications.
  • VisNet Defense displays a 21-node military network characteristics, and human interactions at real time that took five minutes to set up.
  • Network components, such as aircraft, satellite and mobile nodes are displayed in a high definition GIS-enabled Graphical User Interface, alongside key network performance parameters.

Powerful GIS and Network Visualization

  • VisNet incorporates the same computing technology that powers Scalable Network Technologies’ QualNet® and EXata® software.
  • The network simulation engine in VisNet accurately represents network devices, transmitters, antennas, terrestrial characteristics, and human interactions at real time speed. Because of SNT’s super-efficient parallel kernel, VisNet can support high fidelity network models while still maintaining real-time speed, even in large-scale networks.


  Network Simulator