Janatics Animation Software for Pneumatics-JASP2.0
This software package is developed keeping in mind that this should be a handy tool for the trainers in Educational Training Institutes & corporate training centers to go hand in hand with the latest in the industry.

With this software,

  • Functional features of products & components can be understood
  • The virtual cut sectional animation of individual components and as a circuit lets the students to know the internal details of the product & to understand the functions better.
  • Trainers can explain about the products and can educate the students at a very short   period, so as to have ample time on using trainer kits to gain more practical knowledge
  • The concept of pneumatic products can be easily understood even at beginner level
Flow calculator and Cylinder selection module are incorporated with this software to guide the selection of pneumatic components for both industrial and educational projects.

Wall Posters
Matt Laminated Wall Mounted Colour photos Includes:

  • Classification of Pneumatic Elements
  • Working Elements
  • Final Control Elements
  • Signal Elements
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Air Preparation Units
  • ISO Symbols – Air Preparation Units, Working Elements, Supplementary Elements



Cut section

Cut Section includes:

  • Directional Control Valve
  • Double Acting Cylinder
  • Single Acting Cylinder
  • Filter Regulator
  • Hand lever valve
  • Flow control valve
  • AND valve
  • OR valve
  • 3/2 NC flush head valve with actuator – Green
  • Quick exhaust valve
  • Non return valve
  • Double external pilot operated valve

Magnetic Symbols

Includes ISO symbols of:

  • Air preparation units
  • Signal Elements
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Working Elements
  • Final Control Elements
  • Accessories