Spectrum Analyzer (1GHz) with Tracking Generator, 0.001 MHz accuracy


  • Digital lock oscillation, LCD Display
  • Compact and Easy to be carry
  • Frequency range : 0.15~1050MHz
  • 16-bit half numerical display (center frequency, 0.01MHz resolvability)
  • -100~+13dbm amplitude range, 20KHz, 400KHz
  • Intermediate frequency and 4 KHz video filter.
  • Phase Locked loop technique
  • Excellent Noise floor performance
  • Tracking signal generator.

Tracking Generator Specifications

Output: N connector
Output Impedance: 50ohm
Frequency range: 0.15MHz~1050MHz
Output level range:-50dBm~+0dBm (in 10dB steps and vary)
Frequency response: ±2Db
Output attenuator: 0~40dBm (4*10dB)

Technical Specification

Frequency range

0.15KHz to 1050MHz

CF adjusts range


Resolution of frequency display

10 kHz

Video filter bandwidth

4 kHz

Average noise level

-90dBm (20 kHz Bandwidth)

Amplitude range

-100dBm to +10dBm

Amplitude Frequency Response

10dB Attenuation, Zero Step, Resolution Bandwidth 400kHz,
Signal - 17dBm :< ± 4dB

Sweep rate


Frequency generator


Video Filter Bandwidth

4 KHz

Sweep Time


Display Range

80dB ( 10dB/ div )


< or = ±2dB / 10dB

Second Harmonic Suppression

-27dBm, 0dB attenuation, < or = -50dBc

Max. Continuous RF Input Level

10~40dB attenuation: +20 dBm (0.1W)
0dB attenuation: +10dBm Max

DC Input Voltage


DC Output

DC Power Supply 6Vdc for near field sniffer probe

Audio Output

3.5mmj speaker connector

Turning Knob control

Center Frequency