QualNet is network modeling software that predicts performance of networks through simulation and
emulation. QualNet is the cornerstone for virtual networking labs that enable the deployment of a
Mind-boggling plethora of applications in wireless, wired and mixed network platforms.

Key Capabilities of QualNet

QualNet can support real-time simulation speed, which enables software-in-the-loop, network emulation, hardware-in-the-loop, and human-in-the-loop exercises.

Supports thousands of nodes. Speed and scalability are not mutually exclusive with Qualnet.  QualNet has achieved real-time simulation for models of 3500 nodes.

Model Fidelity.
QualNet offers highly detailed models of all aspects of networking. This ensures accurate modeling results.

QualNet runs on a vast array of platforms, including Linux, Solaris, Windows XP, and Mac OS X operating systems, distributed and cluster parallel architectures, and both 32- and 64-bit computing environments.

QualNet connects to other hardware & software applications, such as OTB, real networks, and STK, greatly enhancing the value of the network model.

The QualNet Product Family

The QualNet product family consists of Two  main simulation products, QualNet Developer and QualNet Parallel Developer, plus a number  of add-on model libraries.

QualNet Developer allows users to set up, develop, and run custom network models. A feature-rich visual development environment allows users to set up models quickly, efficiently code protocols with easy access to QualNet, and then run models that present real-time statistics and helpful packet-level debugging insight.

QualNet Parallel Developer has all the features of QualNet Developer for model creation, execution and visualization, plus the ability to achieve faster simulation speeds and greater model scalability.  QualNet Parallel Developer runs on all modern computer platforms, from sequential computers to shared memory multiprocessors, including dual core systems, workstation clusters, and supercomputers. All QualNet libraries are available for parallel execution.



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