Hardware Network Monitoring System

MONOSEK is a PCI complaint full duplex packet-processing engine, built around IXP2400 Network processor, which is capable of in-depth analysis of the network. Protocols of all network traffic in and out of your network are analysed.

Features of MONOSEK

  • Real time network traffic support up to 100 Mpbs. For efficient resource utilization the maximum speed supported can be configured for 100 Mpbs at present. 1 Gpbs is under development.
  • Complete reassembly of any fragmented and out of sequence packets.
  • At present, HTTP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols are separated and session analysis is available for commercial and forensic usage.
  • Session analysis of other protocols can be possible as per the customer’s requirements.
  • The session analysis provides the packet forensic information which can be useful as Trace back system.
  • Under the university program we provide C callable functions for accessing analysed information as well as raw packets for processing , with sample programs.
  • Monosek enables analysis of TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, RTP, SIP, H.323, ICMP, Telnet, FTP, DNS and many other protocols.
  • Future Software Updates
  • Content analysis with Payload type for audio and video data.
  • Aggregation with user defined filter criteria such as IP addresses, IP protocols, port numbers etc.


  • Packet analysis and packet forensic.
  • Network security
  • Network monitoring



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