Rabbit-based control via GPRS/SMS communications

  • GPRS/GSM Application Kit provides all the tools necessary to sample and develop applications that combine a Rabbit-based control device with a GSM/GPRS modem.
  • The libraries and sample programs allow for a device connected to the cellular network to send SMS (text) messages to a RabbitCore module (RCM) that can interpret messages as commands and in turn execute control functions.
  • The RCM can also send/receive GPRS e-mail wirelessly to/from any PC, GSM device, or cell phone.
  • The LCD/keypad module included in the GPRS/GSM Application Kit incorporates a menu system that provides for an easy interface to read or send text messages and e-mail.
  • The GPRS/GSM Application Kit includes Z-World's Dynamic CTM integrated development software with royalty-free TCP/IP stack and PPP module.

GPRS/GSM Application Kit Highlights

  • Hardware/Software for wireless RCM communication and control via GPRS/GSM.
  • EnforaTM Spider SA-GL Quad Band wireless modem and antenna.
  • GUI and Keypad configuration menu system.
  • Royalty-free TCP/IP stack in source code.
  • Sample programs/libraries for generic modem operation.
  • Fully integrated development software: compiler, editor, and debugger for control applications.


  • Wireless Automation and Control
  • Alarm & Notification Systems
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data and Event Logging
  • Machine Communication
  • FTP (File Transfer) Uploading
  • Telnet, e-mail, text messaging communications