EXata is a  wireless emulator that lets you evaluate on-the-move communication networks faster and with more realism than any other emulator. EXata creates a digital network replica that interfaces with real networks in real time, using real applications. Software, hardware, human, and Internet-in-the-loop connections enable ultra-realistic communication over all layers of the network.
Key differences between EXata and Qualnet

  • Qualnet is a simulator; EXata is an emulator.
  • Qualnet is designed for a closed environment; EXata connects to live networks.
  • Qualnet runs in as fast-as possible mode; EXata runs in real time to interoperate with real networks
  • All Qualnet users with the IPNE add-on can upgrade to EXata. IPNE will no longer be available for Qualnet. Instead, EXata 2.0 includes all Qualnet and IPNE features plus many more.

EXata is new evaluation technology for new wireless technologies. 
EXata is a digital representation of networks. A representation so accurate that a user or component connected to the virtual network can not discern whether it’s connected to the digital
representation or the real thing.  EXata emulation is not a substitute for existing modeling and simulation; it is a whole new category of evaluation/development tool that does what the other products were not designed to do.

EXata is a realistic software virtual network. 
EXata enables you to digitally represent your entire network devices, software, transmitters, antennas, terrain effects, atmospheric effects, and human interaction effects.  You can now represent every variable that will affect the performance of your real network in an EXata Software Virtual Network.
EXata empowers you to move from months to minutes.
With emulation, network and equipment tests that traditionally required months to perform all the calculations can now be performed in minutes, with real-network behavior.
EXata brings ultra-fidelity at 50 or 5,000 nodes
Competitors’ simulation programs, written with legacy sequential processing code, can only simulate a maximum of about 200 devices, and fidelity drops as you approach that number. With EXata, you get the same accurate representation of your network whether you’re testing 50 nodes or 5,000.


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