Bluetooth® Radio Module
Application Kit & Add On-Kits

Features and Benefits

  • Bluetooth radio modules plug directly into supported RCMs and SBCs
  • Simple serial UART communications and control
  • Seamless connectivity with any Bluetooth device
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology ensures high reliability and is robust to interference
  • Low current consumption for long battery life
  • Complete with sample applications and source code
  • Internal Surface-mount antenna.

Bluetooth Application Kit

  • The Bluetooth Application Kit provides all of the hardware and software necessary to develop a Bluetooth application.
  • The Application Kit includes an RCM3100, EmbeddedBlue eb506-AHC-IN Bluetooth Radio Module, prototyping board, and miscellaneous cables and hardware.
  • The Application Kit also includes the Dynamic C Integrated Development Environment, Bluetooth drivers, libraries, sample programs, and manuals.

Bluetooth Add-On Kit
Bluetooth Add-On Kits include only the EmbeddedBlue eb506-AHC-IN Bluetooth Radio Module, Bluetooth Drivers, sample programs, and radio module manual.

EmbeddedBlue Radio Module

Bluetooth Add-On Kits are available for the following product families:

  • RCM3000
  • RCM3100
  • RCM3200
  • RCM3300
  • RCM3360
  • BL2500
  • BL2600