The electronic technology has strongly entered the automotive flied and is currently influencing the main characteristics of the people working for the maintenance and the improvement of the vehicle operation.

Automotive industry is since a long time heading toward a change of the functionalities of the electric systems, with a special attention

  • To the efficiency and the power of the engine
  • Particular to the comfort of the passengers
  • To their safety in terms of accident prevention and minimization of the possible damages
  • To the energy saving through a reduction of fuel consumption
  • To the control of the gas emissions in order to reduce the contribution to environment pollution due to discharge gases.

This has implied the use of new devices, the substitution of mechanically controlled systems with electrical or electronic systems, and the use of microprocessor based technologies and of advanced techniques for malfunction diagnosis.

New systems for air conditioning, ABS braking, antitheft devices and others have been regularly added to the traditional electrical systems for lighting, power and ignition/ injection.
The trainers are complete with a series of dedicated software for self-learning the theoretical part and for inserting simulated faults through personal computer.
Proposal consists of the following:

  • A set of modules for the study of basic electricity and main electric circuits
  • A set of simulation panels for electric and electronic systems in modern automobiles, complete with dedicated software for demonstration of the relevant theory and introduction of simulated faults.
  • A set of panels with real components for demonstration
  • A set of sectioned components