20MHz Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope


  • 20MHz / 40MHz Dual Channel
  • High Sensitivity 1Mv/DIV
  • 5mV/div Sensitivity on Both Channels
  • CH1 & CH2 Independent Channels
  • CH1 Signal Output
  • Two waveforms in different frequency can be observed via alternative trigger function
  • High-speed sweep
  • Algebraic Addition and Subtraction
  • X-Y Operation
  • 0.2μs/div to 0.5s/div Time Base(Uncal. Up to 20ns)
  • Z Modulation TTL Level
  • 8 x 10 cm Display
  • TV signal synchronous function, TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H)
  • Line Trigger
  • ALT Triggering
Technical Specification


5mV~5V/DIV, 10 steps in 1-2-5 sequence (X5 MAG: 1mV/DIV)

Sensitivity accuracy

≥3% (×5MAG: ≥5%)

Vernier vertical sensitivity

continuously variable to 1/2.5 or less of panel-indicated value

Frequency bandwidth

DC-20MHz (×5MAG:DC-7MHz)

AC coupling

Low limit frequency 10Hz.
(With reference to 100KHz,8DIV.Frequency response with-3dB)

Rise time

Approx.17.5Ns (×5MAG:Approx.50Ns) / 9.5nS (X5MAGApprox.25nS)

Input impedance

Approx. 1M ohm//Approx. 25pF

Vertical modes

Ch1 single channel.
CH2 single channel


CH1 and CH2 are displayed ALT or CHOP selectable at any sweep rate.

Input coupling


Maximum input voltage

300V peak (AC: frequency 1KHz or lower) When set probe switch
at 1:1, the maximum effective readout is 40Vp p(14Vrms at sine wave);
or set probe switch at 10:1, the maximum effective readout is 400Vpp
(140Vrms at sine wave)

Common mode rejection ratio

50:1 or better at 50KHz sinusoidal wave.
(when sensitivities of CH1 and CH2 are set equally)

Isolation between channels (at 5Mv/DIV range)

 >1000:1 at 50 MHz; > 30:1 at 20MHz; > 30:1 at 40MHz

Ch1 signal output

At least 20Mv/DIV into a 50 ohm termination, Bandwidth is 50Hz to at least 5MHz.


Balanced point variation: 1DIV(Reference at center graticule)